- WORK-STUDY PROGRAM - Temporary licence (security guarding training)

Montréal, February 23, 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Bureau de la sécurité privée (the "BSP") has issued an exceptional number of temporary licences to respond to the emergency situation and the increasing demand for private security services. It is clear that this crisis has created a window of opportunity to showcase this area of expertise and its requirements.

In this context, the Bureau would like to inform you of a temporary licence in security guarding that aims to promote training in a work-study format, which is possible through the application of the Regulation under the Private Security Act and the implementation of mandatory training adapted to this reality.

About the temporary licence (security guarding training)

The temporary licence for security guards engaging in a work-study program has been developed through dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders in the field, in particular the Association Provinciale des Agences de Sécurité ("A.P.A.S.").

This licence, which is for a maximum non-renewable period of 120 days, allows those who register for a security guarding training program to carry out activities in this category in a supervised manner at all times during their training, which, upon successful completion, will entitle them to a regular licence in this category.

Before this temporary licence expires, the student must therefore have completed and passed his or her training and have made an application for conversion of the licence on the form provided for this purpose on the bspquebec.ca website.

Please note that the student can only benefit from this licence once. In addition, as of January 1, 2022, a prerequisite for obtaining this temporary licence will be added, i.e., to demonstrate that the applicant is already the holder of a valid workplace first aid card (CNESST training – 16 h).




CAUTION - In section F of the temporary licence form, as part of a work-study program, the applicant must provide a declaration from the employer where you will complete the on-the-job portion of your training program and the name and regular agent licence number of the same category of the person who will supervise you at that employer.




If you have any questions, do not hesitate to consult bspquebec.ca or contact an Information Department agent by e-mail at info@bspquebec.ca or by telephone at 514 748-7480.

About the security guard training

For more information about this training and the work-study context, we invite you to contact the school service centres and enterprises recognized by the Minister of Public Safety and offering security guarding training also recognized by the latter.


The Bureau de la sécurité privée

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