Fee Schedule

Below are the agent licence related fees in effect from January 1st 2023.

To download the Fee Schedule, please click on this link.

 To find out the accepted payment methods, please click on this link.


Important notes concerning the fee schedule

In accordance with the Regulation under the Private Security Act, all fees are adjusted annually on January 1 in accordance with the rate of increase of the general Consumer Price Index for Canada.

You must have a licence in each class of private security activities that you carry on. Licence fees must be paid for each class. However, annual security check and security monitoring fees will be charged only once for all your agent licences.

*If a temporary licence is renewed for a period exceeding one year of its issuance or of payment of the annual fees for this licence, annual fees must be paid in addition to the licence copy fees.


Under no circumstances will licence, security check, or secure monitoring fees be refunded.