Licence renewal

*** WARNING ***


The BSP is experiencing a high volume of applications.  If your application can be submitted online, we invite you to fill out the appropriate form, read the instructions carefully as well as the document checklist and submit it electronically to the APPLY ONLINE Section.

Thank you for your understanding and your precious collaboration!


Agency licences

An agency licence is issued for a period of 3 years. A few months before the licence expires, the representative will receive documentation explaining how to renew it.

Please note that the representative is responsible for returning the completed form and required documents to us at least 60 days before the licence expires.

We strongly recommend completing the renewal form upon receipt. If the agency fails to renew the licence in time, it will be required to submit a new licence application along with all the required documents and payments. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that a licence would be issued before the licence in effect expired. In the meantime, the agency would be required to cease offering private security services.