Complete an application

*** WARNING ***


The BSP is experiencing a high volume of applications.  If your application can be completed online, please refer to the APPLY ONLINE Section.

Thank you for your understanding and your precious collaboration!


Have you read the preceding section and are now ready to complete an application? Your're almost there.  

1.   Complete the appropriate up-to-date form

Tips for properly completing the form:

  • Read all information on the form carefully. It is there to guide you.
  • Complete all sections of the form without exception.
  • The information provided must be complete, accurate and legible.
  • Be sure to sign your form and enter the date in the area and in the manner indicated.  


2.  Attach all required documents that are on the form's "Checklist"

Tips for producing the required documents:

  • Check off the documents listed on the form and attach them to your application.
  • Send only copies of official documents.
  • Copies of your documents must be clear and legible.  


3.  Pay the required fees

Tips for making payment:

  • Be sure to provide full payment.
  • Use only the accepted payment methods listed on the form.
  • Never send your banking information by email or fax. 
  • Note that the payables fees are non-refundable.


Final check!

An incomplete application or incomplete documents will considerably delay processing. Your application could also be returned.

4.  Submit your application

There are two ways to submit an application: online (Apply online section) and submitting by by mail.

Caution! Applications received by fax will not be accepted.  


Cancelling your Licence Application

If you change your mind while your licence application is being processed and want to cancel it, please complete the Cancellation of an Application for a Licence form and send it to us by fax, mail or submit it in person at our office. However, note that no fees shall be refund.

Licence Issue and Inclusion in the Register

If you are issued an agent licence subject to compliance with your obligations, it will be valid for:

  • 5 years for a regular licence
  • 5 years for a licence without right to practise
  • The period designated on your licence (up to 120 days) for a temporary licence

Your licence will be mailed to your home address.

The following information about you will then be published in the Register of licence holders:

  • Your first and last name
  • Number, class and term of you licence
  • Name of your private security employer(s)
  • Operative part of any decisions made concerning your licence

Caution! Some exceptions apply to agents with a licence in:

  • Transport of valuables
    Given the nature of and the risks associated with your duties, you will automatically be exempt from having your information published in the Register without being required to complete an application for security reasons.

Please note that agencies cannot obtain an exemption from being listed in the Register; only licenced agents can do so. Consequently, if you are an agency representative, your first and last name as well as the address of your place of work will appear in the Register under the agency’s information. Therefore if you want to preserve all your confidential information, you must not work as an agency representative.