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Who is required to have a licence?

In Quebec, you must have an agent licence issued by BSP to:

  • Carry on one of the following six private security activities or
  • Act as the immediate superior of someone who carries on one of the following six private security activities   
Private security activities subject to the PSA

Security Guarding

Watching or protecting persons, property or premises, mainly to prevent crime and maintain order.


Searching for persons, information or property, particularly:

  • Searching for information on an offence or
  • Collecting information on the character or conduct of individuals

Locksmith Work

Locksmith work, namely:

  • Keying
  • Installing, maintaining and repairing mechanical and electronic locking devices
  • Installing, maintaining and repairing or changing the combinations of safes, vaults and safety deposit boxes
  • Designing and managing master key systems
  • Maintaining key code records
  • Cutting keys otherwise that by duplicating existing keys
  • Unlocking a building door, piece of furniture or safe otherwise than by using a key or following the prescribed procedure

Electronic Security Systems

Installing, maintaining and repairing, and ensuring the continuous remote monitoring of :

  • Burglar or intrusion alarm systems
  • Video surveillance systems or
  • Access control systems

(except vehicle security systems).

Transport of valuables

The transport of valuables.

Security Consulting

Providing consulting services on protection against theft, intrusion or vandalism independently from other private security activities, particularly by:

  • Developing plans or specifications or
  • Presenting projects

Please note that holding a licence in one of the categories provided under the PSA allows you to give advice in this specific category of activity.

Some individuals who carry on activities subject to the PSA are, however, exempt from it. To learn more, please read Section 2 of the Private Security Act

What type of licence should you apply for?

To determine what type of licence you should apply for, identify which of the following statements best represents your situation:  

1.  ''I would like to carry on a private security activity either full or part time".

Go to the Regular Licence section.

Anyone who carries on a private security activity in Quebec must have an agent licence in the appropriate class(es).

If you work for an employer whose business does not consist in carrying on private security activities, you must still have an agent licence if you carry out private security activities and this is your main activity. 

  1.  "I do not carry on any private security activities, but I will be the immediate superior of those who do".

Go the  Immediate Superior Agent Licence without right to practise section. 

Anyone who acts as the immediate superior of security agents but does not carry on a private security activity himself/herself must hold an Immediate Superior Agent Licence. However, this person is exempt from providing proof of having successfully completed the mandatory training. He/she is therefore issued an Immediate Superior Agent Licence "without right to practise".

What is an immediate superior?

An immediate superior is the line manager who represents the first level of authority above a private security agent and having direct control over the performance of that agent's duties.

An immediate superior does not necessarily have this title. The role is determined by the hierarchical relationship with an agent.

3. "My services are temporarily required for a specific event, a training session or internship, or the special needs of an investigation".

Go to the Temporary Licence section.

BSP can issue a temporary licence valid for up to 120 days under the following circumstances:

Training: while you are receiving training that may qualify you to be issued an agent licence, particularly to complete an internship.

Investigation:  if the special needs of an investigation justify retaining your services, particularly to act as an undercover of double agent.

Extraordinary or exceptional events: such as unpredictable or unusual events requiring urgent, impromptu and unusual workforce.

Needs to hire temporary labour on the occasion of special events, such as sports or cultural activites, a labour dispute, a disaster or a pandemic.  


Wondering if you're required to hold an agent licence or what class of licence you should apply for?

Write to us at and provide us with a detailed description of your job. We will guide you!